Quahogging the West Branch, Westport

21 Sep

As always, Kevin and I couldn’t seem to find a day where we could get together for our annual Kevin/Steven day of biking, fishing, and quahogging. This was particularly disturbing to me since my supply of stuffies (from last year) had run out 3 months ago and I was starting to get the shakes. Finally, I texted Kevin one day and said, “Desperately need quahogs… I’m coming down”.

Another Day in Westport

3 Aug

One of the sad things about being “grown up” is that life tends to dictate our schedules. I try to work around this as much as possible. However, Kevin and I just seem to always be on opposite schedules. As ridiculous as it seems, lately we have only been able to coordinate 1 day a year to get together, and to do this we need to book it months in advance.