Slocum River Paddles

2 Sep

The family was over at Heidi and Jason’s for a cookout Saturday evening in Rochester when Jay and I made tentative plans to paddle the Slocum River on Sunday. We had passed the put in along Horseneck Road many times in the past couple of years as we made our way to Demarest Lloyd State Park with the kids always promising to “get back” there and check it out. The Slocum River is a top destination for South Coast paddlers. It weaves from brackish beginnings off Russells Mills eventually transitioning to a salty mouth dumping out between Demarest Lloyd and Little River inlet.

Grape Island Weekend

1 Sep

After being up for 36 hours straight due to a problem at work, I was tempted to turn my planned weekend excursion into an overnighter so I could get some much needed sleep and head out the next morning. Mom Nature seemed to be trying to persuade me toward this end with repeated thunder and lighting storms, but also dared me with just as many hourly spells of sun. I had already packed the evening before, so decided to proceed to the launch in Hingham with the notion that I could back out if the weather was not cooperating or if I decided that I was too exhausted to sail the 3 miles over to Grape Island and setup camp.

Paddling a Native Passage

17 Aug

I grew up along the slow moving waters of the Satucket River. As a kid, I explored and camped along it’s banks, and paddled it often in the Ole’ Aluminum Grumman. As I got older, I gradually became aware of the historic significance of the Satucket, and that “my river” was only a small stretch of a 70 mile passage that was once used as a primary route by the Wampanoags. This water trail, now called the Wampanoag Passage is made up of many connecting rivers, streams, ponds, and swamps, stretching across Southeastern Massachusetts from Massachusetts Bay in Scituate to Narraganset Bay.