Mountain Biking Geocaching

18 Jul

With the onslaught of the latest pokemon go craze, I was reminded of the days I would take my girls geocaching (“treasure hunting” as far as they were concerned) to get them out in the woods when they were younger.

This time of year, it is sometimes tough to get motivated to go mountain biking with the excessive heat and humidity, not to mention the deer flies that follow you for miles, just waiting for you to stop.

This year, the moths have also been horrendous. I never thought I would ever consider moths to be on the same “damn they are annoying” scale as deer flies and mosquitos… but, this year they are everywhere. And, when you’re riding, they become miniature kamikaze pilots, pelting your face and flying around inside you helmet.

Anyway, in order to change things up and make life a bit more interesting, Erick, Mark and I combined a morning of mountain biking with geocaching. There are no less than 12 geocaches in the Blue Hills area that are spread out from north of Big Blue, to the shores of Ponkapoag.

Unfortunately, we seriously overestimated the time it would take us to find the treasure, and only managed to find 5 over a distance of 8 miles in a matter of 2 hours. While it barely registered a “Suffer Score” on my Strava account, it was a fun morning.

Mark even found a Letterbox that he and is daughter created 7 years ago.