CanMass Challenge

18 Jul

Coming up with the idea of riding a bike 300 miles from Canada to Norwood , MA always seems like a great idea when you’re hanging out with the guys in a testosterone induced state of confidence and perhaps a lack of better judgment. However, when it later begins to come to fruition, reality sets in and a few things are inevitable.

Drifting Down the Saco

2 Sep

Growing up, my family (including Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins) would often take a long weekend in the summer and run our canoes, packed with camping gear, down the Saco from Fryeburg, ME. It was always a relaxed affair, as the distance covered in 3-4 days probably could have been completed in a day if one was inclined to do so. However, this particular excursion was always less about the paddling and more about enjoying the River.